100% stainless steel fasteners

(168) waterproof LED lights

12v solar system -65 watts

built in converters for 110v use

(3) 30 ft aerial rigging points

(3) 20 ft aerial rigging points

​Customizable art/sign location

No. 5 rebar

4000 psi cement mix

1/4 in- 5/8 in tempered glass

.365-.375 in structural steel tubing

Stainless & rubber bezel

​12/110 converters in each concrete element



Total weight: 18,440 lbs

Foundation block: 3,300 lbs

Elevated slab: 5,700 lbs

​10" structured steel: 1,220 lbs

12" structured steel: 1,080 lbs

Rigging attachments: 540 lbs


Foundation block: 3 ft x 30 in x 30 in

​Elevated slab: 12 in x 9 in triangle 

Floor to top of slab: 20 ft

Floor to slab mounting plate: 25 ft

Footprint: 17 ft x 17 ft

basic stats



Anesthesia is a mixed medium project of concrete, steel, and tempered glass mosaic. Constructed as a performance piece, Anesthesia has three aerial performances attachments 20 feet off the ground and hosts a performance area atop the elevated slab. Aerial equipment isn't the only art form that can attach to the rigging points -swings, fire pits, cages, etc...the imagination can really run wild here. At the top of the project a mounting plate features whatever art or sign the client prefers. 

The mosaic detail on this project is extremely ornate. The glass used varies in thickness, texture, and clarity thus making the painted design even more pronounces and dramatic. The grout includes a poly ad-mix as well as glitter mix for an added effect. The finished mosaic projects a combination of the painted design underneath as well as the puzzle of broken glass. Each block also has installed 28 LED lights attached with a stainless steel and rubber bezel.