Total weight: 12 tons


​Diameter: 65 ft

​Height: 30 ft


Hundreds of feet of thin wall pipe

.188-.250 wall 8-12" diameter 


Mosaiced eggs (3) still available

to show separately 

​basic stats


On the evening of December 31st, 2011, Lionel Ohayon, President of iCrave design of Manhattan, gathered with some of his closest friends and respected colleagues to celebrate and reflect the challenges, opportunities, and accomplishments that 2011 had given them. Not only to celebrate the New Year, but to also unveil a new art piece that he had purchased to have on permanent display at his vacation estate in Catskills, New York. With five hours left in the year, the Robert James team made the last electrical connection and brought the 101 piece nest to life on its newest and final home. We are very honored to have this project installed on such an amazing and well-loved piece of property. The memories and history that will be collected with this collaboration will be insanely rich.

Intention is a figurative project of a steel birds nest that originally cradled three glass mosaic eggs. This piece was built in the spring/summer of 2009 and showcased at the 2009 Burning Man festival. Design for the project began in December 2008 and was completed 9 months later in September of 2009. Material selection and purchase was a lengthy and important process for this piece. The steel was intended to have a rusted, weathered look for a dramatic contrast between the white alkaline floor of the black rock desert and the bird’s nest. Locating structurally-sound salvaged material with the desired pipe diameters, wall thickness, and accurate lineal feet was extremely challenging. We acquired steel from all corners of California and Northern Nevada to adequately supply stock for Ménage à trois. The polystyrene used to create the eggs was also a salvaged item and was collected from businesses and job-sites all over the San Francisco Bay Area.