Waterproof incandescent light sockets (54)

High-power metal halide spot lights (3)

220v electrical circuits (4)

1/4" mirror mosaic band 

1/4" porcelain tile mosaic 

solid structural grade polystyrene 

steel (internal structure)

brushed stainless steel (flowers, stems & petals)

Overall height: 34 ft

Vase height: 12 ft

Vase diameter (base): 7 ft

Vase diameter (top): 9 ft

Flower 1 height: 16 ft

Flower 2 height: 18 ft

Flower 3 height: 22 ft

Flower 1-3 span: 5 ft




Total weight: 5,835 lbs

Metal Infrastructure: 740 lbs

Styrofoam: 900 lbs

​Plaster System: 700 lbs

Mirror: 500 lbs

Tile: 325 lbs

Stainless Steel: 1,480 lbs

Grout: 460 lbs 

basic stats


In Spring of 2011 the team at Robert James completed what turned out to be a two year planning and logistical feat by permanently installing Perhaps atop a new commercial high-rise building in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.  President of Centaur Properties, Harlan Berger, saw the art installation at an event in 2006 and thought the project could bring great appreciation and value to his, then under construction, Manhattan property.  The installation collected a lot of buzz from the residents of New York City with most embracing the piece as an iconic symbol of the Chelsea arts district. The project is located at 305 West 16th Street on the corner of 8th Avenue -best seen day or night... rain or shine.

Watch video footage of Perhaps being installed on this NYC rooftop here.

All 5,000-plus pounds of “Perhaps” is meant to signify Rob, his mother and his father, represented each by one of three daisies, who Rob says have come to mean more to him as he has gotten older.

Perhaps was professionally built with the highest quality products; the idea in mind was a piece that would survive decades in the most extreme environments.

The vase was constructed by building a steel structure that would support the massive weight of stainless steel and mirrored mosaics. After the steel was in place, structural grade polystyrene was placed around the steel making a 100% styrofoam core.  This styrofoam was then carved with a combination of hot tungsten wire foam cutter and various chain saws. After the vase was shaped, the electrical circuits were added.